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We’re dedicated to advertising Lanzarote businesses with fantastic, creative (and successful!) campaigns, built for you from the ground up. If you’re looking for a fantastic opportunity to grow your business, then you’ll love what Monster Radio has to offer.

As a radio station, we’re different. Unlike most “voice tracked” stations, Monster radio puts out over 70 hours of live presented shows every week (and that figure is growing all the time as we add new presenters to the team). That means real presenters, delivering high quality shows every day of the week.

That makes the station so much more engaging for listeners. People can phone in requests and dedications, take part in quizzes and enjoy a real feeling of interaction with the presenters … and that means more listeners tuning in day after day.

Plus, our team includes an experienced marketing department dedicated to helping you get real results from your advertising.

Because “awareness” is great, but sales are better!

Our team know how to get your audience to take notice, and then take action. From expert advice on strategy, promotions and offers, to ad scripts that are skillfully crafted to inspire your audience – we’ll do so much more than just “get your name out there”.

Monster Radio really is uniquely positioned to help you take your business where you want it to go. We can give you direct and immediate access to your audience and the power to entice them with a mouthwatering message that will spur them into action.

Take a listen to some of the ads we’ve produced for our delighted clients (or download the Monster Radio Marketing Pack:

Monster Marketing Pack (English)

Monster Marketing Pack (Español))

… and then  call  (0034) 928 839 242 (0900 – 1700 Mon-Fri) or Graham on ( 0034) 684 05 59 76 – or email graham@monsterradio.es



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