Advertiser Profile – Kennel Klub

At Kennel Klub our aim is to rescue dogs that are ill, injured, homeless or about to be killed at the local pounds in Lanzarote. We will do our best to help any dog in need.

These dogs are rescued and then either fostered, re-homed or put in to private kennels. The money Kennel Klub raises will help towards the cost of the private kennels in El Cable, as well as veterinary bills. All of the dogs that we re-home will be microchipped and spayed/neutered without exception.

If you can help by donating time or funds please contact us. Likewise if you think you may be able to re home or foster a dog or would like to meet any of them please just ask.

Please click on the icon below to get in touch or learn more…

Kennel Klub


Call Sarah on 649811150 or Laura on 646479284 (English-speaking)

Habla Español con Laura en 646479284


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