Monster Radio – Live Radio Lanzarote Style!

Welcome to Monster Radio. For great radio Lanzarote style, you can’t do better than Monster!

Many radio stations these days are purely automated and broadcast pre-defined playlists with voice-tracked presenters and no interaction with the listeners. They’re just music playing machines…

…but not Monster Radio Lanzarote!

Monster Radio was born out of a desire to return to the fun and the personality of live radio presenters. Presenters interacting with their audience and building rapport. We’re recreating that golden age of radio where you, the listener, will be the most important person.

You can check out our Show Schedule here, and we´re constantly bringing new presenters on board.

We will play what YOU want to listen to!

At Monster Radio Lanzarote we’ve brought back the fun and the familiar warmth of a live radio station into your living room, car or wherever you listen.  With us you’ll be able to submit requests via text message, e-mail, via our contact form or even through our Facebook Page, join us in phone-ins on topics that are relevant to us here in Lanzarote or relevant to the music that we’re playing.

Why not listen live?  We stream from the web page and if you have the Tunein App you can take us with you everywhere!

who's been visiting monster radio lanzaroteWe’re Lanzarote-based, our studio is in Playa Honda, and our programming is focused on local news and cultural events with UK and International news on the hour, 24 hours a day. In fact, being part of Lanzarote’s vibrant local community is very important to us, and you can find out more about what’s going on right here.

And remember, at Monster Radio Lanzarote, we want to play the songs you want to hear. So whether it’s your favourite track from yesteryear or something from the latest chart that’s got your foot tapping, just drop us a line and we’ll get it on the air for you!

Monster Radio